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Curbside pick up available.
Curbside pick up available.

Local Reviews


Great dealing with an annoying customer (me), shoutout to Brandon for helping me out!

I ordered a pair of skis online that I had demoed last season; I forgot the exact length I had worn and I contacted the ski rental shop from Utah. They gave me the wrong size (193cm), and I ordered the skis from Colorado Ski Shop, who had the best price I could find online including bindings and a free mounting. Then, after ordering, the rental shop I used contacted me - OOPS, you were actually wearing 185cm! Huge problem. I called Colorado Ski Shop and got Brandon - they intercepted my order (which was JUST about to get the bindings mounted), and swapped out my skis for the right size. They also delayed shipping so I can be sure I was home when the skis are delivered to me in Los Angeles.

I was a huge annoying customer and despite my screwup, they saved me and got me the right skis for me at a great price! They've shipped on the way here and I'll order future purchases from this helpful crew.